THE MUSIC:                                                    


         Two voices, a female voice and a male voice, in harmony, and singing out of  mutual respect for one another AND for you - projecting unity, peace, and all the best aspects of humanity, singing their hearts out for and to you personally, with the hope that you are moved by one or all of our songs, and that you find something in them that makes your life better.  

      JKRose music is entertaining. It is emotion in poetry, life-reflecting lyrics embossed upon nature-reflecting melodies. It tells stories, teaches, expresses appreciation for beauty, accepts the inevitable, laments the lamentable, praises the praiseworthy, laughs, cries, and loves.

        It's most obvious quality is optimism in a world which often comes across as depressing. Life is not always rosy. It has its ups and downs, its pleasantries and its discomforts. JKRose does not shy away from reality; but it does provide optimism. Regardless of the subject matter, there is always a way to find a positive viewpoint in everything, a way out, a valuable lesson, an explanation, a cause, a silver lining. Good news.

      JKRose is music you can trust. Every word has roots firmly established in traditional family values, home-centered life, honesty, the work ethic, goodness, wholesomeness, strength, love. respect for one another, respect for life, and respect for ALL human beings. It is music that supports every parent's aspiration to raise well-adjusted children. 

       JKRose music empowers the human soul with countless reasons to grow, to learn, to improve, to heal, to try again, and most important of all ...to live life well.

     JKRose music is Undiscovered Gold because in it are countless treasures waiting for you, the listener, to mine, to discover, to cherish and to share, as precious gifts, with loved ones.



     Two people, strangers to the world as all young people are when they set out in life, turned to music when there was no other means of expressing the deep inner longing and feelings they were experiencing. There, in music, like so many others, they found solace, truth, and the first tiny green leaves of love’s hope blooming inside themselves.
    Those two young people struggled through life suffering hardships, setbacks, failures, and pain for one simple reason. There was something missing inside.
     Then, one fine, bright day, their paths crossed. It was music which brought them together. They both played guitar and sang the songs of their generation, songs about nature and beauty, songs so well known that it was possible to know the other person instantly simply by knowing the music the other sang.
     From that day on, the longing ended and they were fulfilled. Inseparable for the next thirty-eight years (and counting), they forged a beautiful life together. During those truly happy times, they continued to express their feelings and experiences in music.
     No longer the music of others replete with immature misconceptions, misleading promises, and disappointing premises, the music was theirs. It contained a maturity, an honesty, and a devotion to goodness and loyalty which was a part of every day of their lives.
     For those happy years together they wrote and sang songs about life, love, people, and places… songs unique and different. Their albums, now numbering five with 86 songs altogether, are a compilation of music and a compilation of life. They present a sketch not only of their life together, but of experiences and observations.
     These are not the dusty accounts of the history of one couple. They are accounts of lives lived as all lives should be lived. They are stories, experiences, guidelines, and wisdom, all turned into music. They are our gift to hurting people and to a hurting world. We know this music will tug on the strings of your heart and touch your life as much as it still touches ours today. We hope you enjoy it and that you will share it with people you love.


Honest! Relevant!
usic created because it is what sells, or because it happens to be popular, or because some famous person sings it, is dishonest. Although most music is dishonest, some truly does emanate from the pores and fibers of the writers' and musicians' very beings. Most people know the difference, although too often the public tends to like and buy music others tell them they should like and buy.

      Some of the greatest and most famous musicians, bless their souls, do sing about their lives; but the music reflects pain and suffering, failed lives, divorce, broken hearts, addiction, unrequited love, jealousy, crime, violence, or other dysfunctions that inevitably lead to tragedy. Let's face it, this genre does produce passionate, emotion-filled, and soul-stirring music. The problem with it is that when young people listen to it and emulate it, they tend to find themselves influenced by it, pursuing the same kinds of outcomes, the same kinds of emotional experiences in their own lives. By the time they learn that these are NOT paths worthy to pursue, they have already fallen behind in life. Music is that influential.

      When asked to define our genre, we are usually unable to find a fitting label. We think it is for this reason. JKRose music, you will find, is different because it is, at its very heart, honest... honest and relevant to life. It has proceeded over the years from a true, loyal, and loving relationship between a man and a woman who dedicated their entire lives not to music, not to making it big in the world, and not to being famous or popular, but to their home and to one another in equality, in respect, in affection, and in striving to assure the other prospers in every human way. Their every pursuit was guided by these priorities and this commitment.
     As a result, their love for music resulted in a body of work springing from honesty, peace, order, integrity, fulfillment, and goodness. This music is no less passionate, no less emotional, no less powerful and no less soul-stirring.. but it is honest... and it is relevant.       It is our most sincere hope that the lyrics and music of JKRose moves each of you and your loved-ones in a powerful way, that it not only entertains and pleases, but that it will have a wonderfully positive influence upon your lives.


The songs of JKRose are a versatile mix of styles, languages, moods, stories, and thoughts. You can read a brief description of each and every song by clicking "Song Descriptions" at the top of every page. Click on the album number, then scroll down through the songs to familiarize yourself with each one before you hear it. This will prepare you to better enjoy what you are about to hear.


The musical compositions of JKRose are the fruit of a lifetime of loving, learning, singing, and playing songs. Words convey thoughts; but Music conveys feelings, emotions, moods, and genres. When you choose the appropriate music to accompany a theme or a subject matter, you create a song with not only meaning, but a primal human response deep within the soul of the listener which enables him or her to participate personally in the experience.  


The lyrics of JKRose is solid poetry. Having studied poetry extensively and having been under the tutelage of America's eighteenth poet laureate, James Dickey at USC in 1980, the lyricist enjoys a mastery of expression in the language of the poem which lends ease and grace to the music.