Early JKRose performances were always only acoustic, two guitars and two voices. We produced the albums, however, with full orchestration and arrangement to better showcase the music and lyrics. For JKRose: Undiscovered Gold 5 with few exceptions we thought it would be nice to return to acoustics.
01)  Love Is The Short Way Home: Wisdom is the knowledge that everything motivating human activity is a substitute for the need to love and be loved. Knowing that simple truth can ease and shorten life’s journey.


02) Too Many Times: There are many counterfeits for true love which too many times distract us from the real thing and too many times cause us real pain.
03) The Wizard of Oooohs and Ahhs: There really are people whose sole purpose is to influence our thoughts and actions. They hide behind a curtain of falsehood, tricks, and deception. It is high time that curtain be pulled and they are exposed.
04)  Hushalullababybye: Newborn babies, cradles, and the warm environment of the nursery call for a lullaby. Because it should be the first song a baby ever hears, it expresses soothing, reassuring, calming, loving, tenderness and strength all in one lovely, simple song.
05) Hey, Little Boy: Every little boy has great potential to grow into a good man. Many millions, however, are turned aside from this destiny before they ever know any of the joys of life. This song deals with the humanity of these little boys and questions the poison which turns such beautiful children into terrorists.


06)  Stay: A duet which recounts the struggle every couple endures as love and the longing to cling together faces society’s relentless tendency to separate them. The difficult decision to put the relationship first and remain together reaps the greatest reward any human can experience - the assurance that love does exist.
07)  Scars: The mishaps of life in all their forms leave permanent scars upon us, both physical and emotional. These scars create in us a unique work of art which is who we become as a result of our experiences. They are both history of our past and testimony of our ability to heal and overcome ordeals. 


08)  If I Were God: It is a worthwhile exercise on occasion to put ourselves in God’s position and imagine exactly how he might react to the world we have created for ourselves. This is one of those exercises. 


09)  All Gone: Tiny feet that never walked on warm and friendly sand and a billion other similar thwarted destinies are lamented in this soul-searching song which ponders the loss of generations of our fellow citizens and questions what right did we have?  But now it is too late because they are indeed… all gone.


10)  Still Your America: Many who have lost sight of America’s greatness and the American dream are reminded in this patriotic song: freedom requires commitment, loyalty, pride, and work. Its your land, your home… your decision.
11)  Rainshine: There is a special moment, just after a rain, when the combination of sunshine and rain creates an exquisite phenomenon JKRose calls, “rainshine”. The union of two things seemingly opposite can often in nature create something even more beautiful than either of them standing alone.
12)  The Devil Off Cape Horn: The dangers of attempting to round Cape Horn are legendary. It is estimated that 10,000 sailors perished in these waters. Locals swear they hear the bells of ships during the raging storms that arise off the cape.
13)  Reaching Out: The combination of human longing and human imagination is the facility which enables us to reach out past our limitations to attain the unattainable. We have a vision that sees beyond reality which enables us to reach out past all boundaries into the unknown.


14)  Feeding On Friends: Some in society make friends just so they can live off of them. They don’t create, serve, or build anything themselves. Their goal in life is to take advantage of others who do. You know who you are. There are better ways to make a living. 
15)  Love’s Secret: Love is not the shooting star, or the lightening bolt for which people wait their entire lives. Love is more down to earth than that. The secret to love is loving. Choose one person out of the billions on the planet and love that person. Then love does grow into the shooting star and the lightening bold. 


16)  You Have To Feel The Blues: Blues is born in the gutters of life. You have to suffer, cry, lose, hurt, and be sad. It is the art form of the down-and-outer. Out of discomfort grows the need to express the pain; and THAT intense feeling is what gives birth to the blues. 

JKRose: Undiscovered Gold 5

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