Most of us spend our days and years being dishonest in that we are NOT being who we are, or doing what we would really like to be doing. When we go every day to a job we don't like or when we pursue goals of others rather than our own goals and ambitions, we are being dishonest. When we create music that we think others want to hear, or music that will sell, or music that is popular, we are being dishonest, not only with the public, but also with ourselves. We believe that although most music is dishonest, some truly does emanate from the pores and fibers of the writers' and musicians' very beings. Most people know the difference, although too often the public tends to like and buy music others tell them they should like and buy.
     Some of the greatest and most famous musicians, bless their souls, do sing about their lives; but the music reflects their pain and suffering, failed lives, divorce, broken hearts, addiction, unrequited love, jealousy, crime, violence, or other dysfunctions that inevitably lead to tragedy. Let's face it, this genre produces passionate, emotion-filled, and soul-stirring music. The problem with it is that when young people listen to it and emulate it, they tend to find themselves influenced by it, pursuing the same kinds of outcomes in their own lives. By the time they learn that these are NOT paths worthy to pursue, they have already fallen behind in life.
      JKRose music, you will find, is different because it is, at its very heart, honest. It has proceeded over the years from a true, loyal, and loving relationship between a man and a woman who dedicated their entire lives not to music, not to making it big in the world, and not to being famous or popular, but to their home and to one another in equality, in respect, in affection, and in striving to assure the other prospers in every human way. Their every pursuit was guided by these priorities and this commitment.
     As a result, their love for music resulted in a body of work springing from honesty, peace, order, integrity, fulfillment, and goodness. This music is no less passionate, no less emotional, no less powerful and no less soul-stirring. It is our most sincere hope that the lyrics and music of JKRose moves each of you and your loved-ones in a powerful way, that it not only entertains and pleases, but that it will have a wonderfully positive influence.

01 Something About The Road: From the time we are young, there is an unspoken, irresistible lure of the open road ahead of us. There, the possibilities are limitless and excitement peaked. A certain kind of music lends to the exultation of going. We wanted to capture THAT feeling in this song.

02 In Love With Love: The fantasies about love oftentimes mislead us into expectations that are sure to disappoint. That is being "in love with love". Not until we learn THIS lesson will we EVER be in the position to actually love someone.

03 Things Are Gonna Change: Accepting the inevitable fact that nothing lasts is one of the prerequisites for a well-adjusted life and the best way to experience those changes gracefully.

04 Never Too Old: The power of the mind has yet to be explored fully: but we suspect that what we think affects us most profoundly. If we think sick, we become sick. If we think old, we become old. But if we think young, nothing can keep us from singing, working, loving, dreaming and remaining young at heart.

05 Rise Up , My People: Too often we are the products of what those around us expect, hope for, and pressure us to become. "Rise Up, My People" is an encouragement for us all to be what WE expect, hope for, and desire.

06 One Girl, One Boy: Something in the heart yearns for that one person upon whom we can bestow all the love we have. When we find that person and begin expressing our love for them fully is when our life truly begins in earnest.

07 The Cherokee Rose: The suffering of the Cherokee native Americans is well documented. The story goes that when they were forced to travel the "trail of tears", in each place where one of their tears fell to the earth, a pretty white flower called the "Cherokee Rose" grew in its place.

08 Power To Heal The Nation: Everyone dreams the American dream; but only WE have the power to make that dream come true.  Each and EVERY American has the power to heal the ills of our country. 

09 The Love Of Music: You love music or you wouldn't be reading these words today. This song shares your love of music as it is expressed by JKRose.

10 Café Du Monde: Its a real place in the heart of New Orleans' French Quarter which has become over the decades a gathering place for locals and visitors who come here for a cup of coffee and a plate of fried donuts called "beignets" (pronounced "bainyays"). Its an institution and a MUST visit spot.

11 Just A Little Girl: Life can be cruel to women. Too often that cruelty takes its toll upon the way they look and act. But what NEVER changes is the fact that deep down inside, the true goodness, beauty, and sweetness of the little girl remains just below the surface. Loveliness is the universal characteristic of the woman which demands  that the world honors and respects women everywhere.

12 The Laughing Seagull: Ever noticed how a seagull's call sounds like laughter, especially in large numbers? We imagined they were laughing at man's feeble efforts to be like them. What a great bird! Hearty. Self-sustaining. Without boundaries. Symbols of freedom and strength. Beautiful.

13 Snow Mountain Home: The Rocky Mountains have a special feel to them. In a world of frantic busyness, peace still prevails in the high country, especially when the quiet blanket of snow muffles all sounds and purifies everything including the air. Forests, trees, streams dressed in pure white.

14 The Man In The Moon: Whimsical trilogy. Upbeat, gay, and no one else in the world but "Just you and me and the man in the moon." ... And "nothin' to do but smile".

15 The Ebb And Flow: Each of us is like a tiny droplet of water which rushes, unknowing, to a great and mighty sea which accepts us ALL without discrimination, judgment, or differentiation. Doesn't matter who we are or what we have done, we are all a part of life's eternal ebb and flow.

16 The Middle Ground: Oftentimes we go bouncing from one extreme to another and forget that life is at its best when we find a straight and level course somewhere in the middle.