1)  Nothing Without Love: Regardless of who we are or what we do, we are nothing without love because love is the only measure by which human life can be evaluated.

2)  A Better World: The formula for making a better world is simple, really. Each of us at every moment has the power to change the world by changing ourselves.

3)  Sailing: Anyone who has been sailing knows the joys of the open waters, the freedom of motion and the beauty of a boat, tuned well and harnessing the wind.


4)  Forbidden Song: In each of us is a song (way of life) which sometimes the expectations of others prevent us from singing. Each of us MUST sing OUR own particular song in order to express ourselves and to be who we truly are.

5)  The Streets Of Paris: Paris was once a symbol of bohemian laissez-faire lasciviousness, home to artists and social non-conformists. Today, it is a society overrun with working classes in underground metros in servitude to big business. 


6)  Toujours: Always, I see your face, touch your hand, hear your voice, and know that you are here… and I love you. (French)


7)  Song of Summer: Summer is a whimsical time populated with butterfly, hummingbird, dragonfly, willow-wisp, firefly, and sparkling raindrop fairies.

8)  High: The high country of the Rocky Mountains is a sacred place where life attains a lofty nature for the animals AND for mankind.

9)  Through Wire Rims: Tribute to John Denver. Through his wire-rim glasses we caught a glimpse of the world as he saw it - with respect, with reverence, and with awe. He will be greatly missed.

10)  Got A Rock In My Shoe: Lighthearted treatment of a few of the things that sometimes annoy us… like a pebble in our shoe…or a pain in the neck.

11)  If We Can Make A Better Wheel: Human innovation has proven itself to make our lives better. Still we trip over ourselves socially. If we can make a better wheel, we can also make a better world.

12)  This Moment: Why not let THIS moment be the turning point in human history, the beginning of a new life and a new generation?

13)  Spirit Lake: During a tribal war, Ute warriors sent their  women and children out on Spirit Lake in rafts to escape an attack. A terrible wind arouse and they all drowned. The legend has it that the cries of those lost souls can still be heard out on the frozen lake during the winter months.


14)  The Ballad of Breckenridge: Today’s Breckenridge is nothing like the old mining town. This is the wonderful story of what it once was and how it came to be what it is today.

15)  Comb Over: Fleeting youth affects us all in different ways. This is a very funny story about a man who discovers his hair is thinning.

16)  Honey Island Swamp: A real place in south Louisiana where French-speaking Cajuns live in what can only be described as another world, this song gives a glimpse of that strange but beautiful world.

17)  The Old Roman Candy Man: True story: A young man suffered a streetcar accident  which resulted in the amputation of both legs. His family built him a mule-drawn wagon from which he spent the rest of his life selling Roman Candy throughout the streets of New Orleans. The clip-clop of his mule's hooves and the clang, clang, clang of an old streetcar bell mounted under his work table  drew customers out of doors to buy his very special pulled taffy. The unique sound you will hear in this song is a common washboard, a favorite instrument of  New Orleans street musicians which  lends a French Quarter flavor to the story.  


18)  To The Sea: Grace Jefferies loved the ocean and requested her ashes be scattered in its waves off Hawaii where she lived. She sang this song and we dedicate it to her in loving memory.