01)  Sometimes Its Pretending: Often we have absolutely no idea how to proceed in life. Sometimes then, pretending we know what to do can help us actually do it. Then, pretending is no longer pretending, but becomes our reality.

02)  More Than Sorrow:  Although we may deeply feel sorrow and compassion for the suffering and injustices in the world, more is needed than feelings. We must ACT upon those sympathies with heroic deeds and selfless sacrifice.

03)  Our World: We cannot permit the harsh, cruel world around us to dictate what our lives (OUR world) will be like. Each of us must create in our sphere of influence a good world, a safe world, a beautiful world. In that way we have the power to create a new and better world.

04)  People Like You: Written as a love song for and about Jessica, this is really just a love song for and about any loved-one. It describes what loved-ones look like to the ones who love them.


05)  Afterglow: In nature and in life, first there is frenzied fire, followed by those special calm, peaceful moments we call the “afterglow”. We see them after our workdays, our passionate moments, in the rising and setting sun, in the seasons, in the creation of stars and planets, and in fire itself. Magical moments to cherish.

06)  Night Traveler: Our dreams take us to fearful and wonderful places while we sleep safely in our beds. This song recounts just a few night traveler destinations; and how oftentimes he wakes to escape;  and how oftentimes he longs to remain.

07)  When You Finally Find Love: The search for love is universal to every man and woman. There is no place we won’t go to find it. When we do, finally find love, we realize that it is everywhere because it was always in us first. We create love by loving. It’s the secret to ending the longing and the quest.


08)  Spanish Guitars Under The Moonlight: Life in Latin America is passionate. Its a life reflected in its music, which is a language all its own, a language spoken by the sand and sea, the flowers, the animals, the insects, the señoritas, the señors, and by the Spanish guitars playing under the moonlight.

09)  When Stars Burn Out: John Denver, Dan Fogleberg, Glenn Frey, John Stewart, so many singer/song-writers who labored to give birth to songs, made them famous and then…. their stars burned out; but their songs live on forever.

10)  Freedom: Sweet, treasured freedom: We MUST seek it, find it, and foster it in our own lives. Through wisdom and the strength to pursue that particular way that makes each of us whole, we establish a life fulfilled with freedom’s rewards.

11)  Pretend:  The good earth is a great bounty for us all, yet often and under many pretenses we do not receive or appreciate those wonderful gifts. We need to know and be sure of earth’s ability to sustain us and stop pretending it isn’t so.


12)  The Quiet Night: A contrast between quiet and chaos, a treatise on those tormented by fear to the point of suicide, which ironically conquers fear and at the same time shatters the quiet night. 

13) Watching The Petals Fall: The falling petals of flowers is a symbol of losing loved ones. All of life is beautiful, even separation from those most beautiful to us. Hardest of all to accept, however are deaths of those denied full lives.

14)  A Good Man: An apparent impediment in the raising of young men seems to  leave many stuck in immaturity. So many worthy adult pursuits are neglected in favor of childish frivolity. "A Good Man" outlines some of the qualities that should be emulated by us all.  

15)  Not Just A Feeling: There is an undeniable vacancy purposely left in us to serve as a permanent dwelling for another person. It’s the human dynamic which establishes the need for two in a relationship. Although it is as real as the oceans that cover the earth, it escapes notice by so many.


16)  Let’s Have A Jolly Good Day:  Despite the many downers that can ruin our day, and they are innumerable, the only sane approach to life is to set out at the start to make each day great. Four part harmony, lighthearted, good-natured song.